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Players for clan C-L-F (Clan Los Friends) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Soldat75 [C-L-F]1,628052.8%0.0%20,919
Rongoel [C-L-F]1,265052.4%0.0%5,370
_mcdaddy [C-L-F]1,213050.9%0.0%4,438
MacMax123 [C-L-F]1,028050.5%0.0%5,162
Titov1978 [C-L-F]1,038050.1%0.0%20,283
1r0nSk1n [C-L-F]1,005049.3%0.0%5,342
SturmtigerTF [C-L-F]930049.7%0.0%4,845
Olvion [C-L-F]899052.3%0.0%2,124
saltensea [C-L-F]804047.8%0.0%14,992
Raspu86 [C-L-F]784050.4%0.0%1,279
single__shot [C-L-F]638048.4%0.0%765
Ondskapt [C-L-F]706049.7%0.0%1,066
bubibubman [C-L-F]625050.0%0.0%2,349
philwil [C-L-F]599047.6%0.0%3,030
AtlantisThief [C-L-F]474047.7%0.0%495
anngi [C-L-F]486045.5%0.0%701
JUMPER65_1 [C-L-F]465047.1%0.0%5,859
OberstKuebelchen [C-L-F]427047.4%0.0%548
Amonikable [C-L-F]350045.0%0.0%180
CoolT [C-L-F]209048.3%0.0%683
Snowballz [C-L-F]197046.3%0.0%2,087
Weighted average1,035050.0%0.0%4,881
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