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Players for clan C-COM (Census Commission) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
__HYPERION [C-COM]2,7452,09061.4%56.5%31,185
anaconda_Srb [C-COM]2,3832,99955.6%58.1%26,546
Jurkelele [C-COM]2,0832,97154.1%51.1%67,429
Wizanton [C-COM]1,944054.1%0.0%33,302
Nole_kasapin [C-COM]1,7391,11853.0%45.9%29,539
Neutiri [C-COM]1,8602,17553.3%52.8%34,027
kkowalsky [C-COM]1,810054.3%0.0%34,409
Canon024 [C-COM]1,7731,86654.3%55.6%51,201
tavalacumbi [C-COM]1,6381,76152.3%52.7%77,515
Jelen_98 [C-COM]1,548052.1%0.0%12,823
imbecilcina [C-COM]1,5331,87552.3%54.6%86,455
NS_tenkista_Srb [C-COM]1,580052.0%0.0%14,592
vlado018 [C-COM]1,514052.0%0.0%33,852
donpetkov [C-COM]1,4992,46251.4%57.2%26,696
goldenxxx [C-COM]1,438050.9%0.0%63,635
_Gena [C-COM]1,4341,48751.4%50.6%50,480
Polia16 [C-COM]1,3791,60950.5%54.7%18,325
Hare0077 [C-COM]1,3671,51349.9%44.4%86,615
ZLImikica [C-COM]1,3711,74750.2%51.8%35,491
loparanin1 [C-COM]1,384050.3%0.0%53,993
greshtro [C-COM]1,279049.3%0.0%27,583
Milovan_XXX [C-COM]1,231048.7%0.0%27,330
Morgan_buuum [C-COM]1,061051.7%0.0%8,240
TataBOOM [C-COM]1,1001,04347.7%46.2%35,864
doktoreMich [C-COM]1,0981,06847.9%52.1%35,707
uki [C-COM]1,103048.0%0.0%45,141
xxKURABAJAxx [C-COM]1,0601,51749.3%46.9%56,073
drakula023 [C-COM]960048.1%0.0%21,258
Weighted average1,5401,21851.6%34.2%40,189
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