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Players for clan BGFOD (FREEDOM OR DEATH !) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
681BG [BGFOD]2,8442,33159.0%57.0%30,193
Th3_Sc0rpion_Sting [BGFOD]2,6813,13160.2%62.0%28,346
23_hydra_cerberus [BGFOD]2,2592,17956.7%56.7%47,152
Call_me_Dragun0ff [BGFOD]2,300057.6%0.0%40,725
Gugnelid [BGFOD]2,2382,18255.9%55.3%58,417
deflorator_uni [BGFOD]2,2402,82555.0%54.8%83,127
Lethal_Intent [BGFOD]2,143055.5%0.0%8,450
DoomHerald [BGFOD]2,0942,62855.7%56.8%83,965
Dzezov [BGFOD]1,9132,57952.6%57.8%40,109
_Mechkata_ [BGFOD]1,9721,95054.3%51.3%15,105
Stan230 [BGFOD]1,930054.9%0.0%25,088
Brazier89 [BGFOD]1,8472,82354.1%58.0%29,749
Ache_ [BGFOD]1,7302,54252.6%55.3%42,461
SkyWindBG [BGFOD]1,7562,35352.8%58.3%48,817
Kaikata_ [BGFOD]1,749053.7%0.0%46,270
EURO_2012 [BGFOD]1,7612,42353.7%57.6%57,710
andrian_bg [BGFOD]1,6652,29351.4%56.6%48,475
Sv3TL10 [BGFOD]1,552052.0%0.0%25,033
kacarski69 [BGFOD]1,646052.0%0.0%34,559
PozitronBG [BGFOD]1,5551,78852.5%55.2%38,985
Abssent [BGFOD]1,5792,09852.2%51.9%49,011
Jor3to [BGFOD]1,412051.8%0.0%10,540
Kozmobg [BGFOD]1,3912,02151.0%60.4%12,127
nikios [BGFOD]1,4041,59450.6%51.2%55,835
Joro_Kopele [BGPZB]1,3871,78151.1%52.5%50,220
gnqz [BGFOD]1,4191,99551.8%53.6%30,115
Masterplay_iron [BGFOD]1,2861,59950.0%48.3%30,634
DeadShoT_BG [BGFOD]1,238049.9%0.0%15,042
Weighted average1,8591,86053.8%44.9%38,795
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