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Players for clan BG3A1 (България ЗаЕдно / Bulgaria Together) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
aware4o [BG3A1]1,755057.1%0.0%19,302
B___0_0___M [BG3A1]1,6401,39553.3%52.3%22,713
DieselPower_Marauder [BG3A1]1,512053.6%0.0%12,540
vanko86 [BG3A1]1,3451,88151.1%55.7%14,239
misho_st [BG3A1]1,331050.3%0.0%14,493
TPAKTOPuCTA [BG3A1]1,3851,18150.0%48.7%40,304
alkino [BG3A1]1,3911,99150.1%53.6%16,818
maxituning [BG3A1]1,2551,53649.8%50.9%44,500
kyshta [BG3A1]1,1691,19050.5%50.3%57,420
hri11177 [BG3A1]1,170049.8%0.0%42,042
_Gavrael_ [BG3A1]1,144049.7%0.0%51,017
sasaob2 [BG3A1]1,026049.0%0.0%38,976
uloff [BG3A1]988049.0%0.0%29,917
__SEPULTURA__ [BG3A1]1,0241,19949.0%48.7%40,880
KOMRETO [BG3A1]1,018048.1%0.0%14,575
Valdemoor [BG3A1]9581,04948.4%46.8%54,957
bigvanko [BG3A1]860049.2%0.0%5,050
Elder_owl [BG3A1]9191,22848.1%53.8%66,654
edirud [BG3A1]90380146.9%44.4%34,632
DarkLord7373 [BG3A1]81477649.0%47.3%20,601
baxuraa [BG3A1]7471,08945.9%47.2%28,583
deadly_evil [BG3A1]674047.8%0.0%18,544
bhtotev [BG3A1]669047.8%0.0%21,268
RUMBATA_BG_76 [BG3A1]49066245.1%44.2%61,864
nCuxOnaTka [BG3A1]39993544.0%48.8%7,935
Weighted average1,04275449.0%32.2%31,192
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