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Players for clan BFOX (BLACK FOX) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
BZZID777 [BFOX]1,977054.0%0.0%33,841
Bonzo222 [BFOX]1,6841,68152.8%52.9%48,802
MARCIN27678 [BFOX]1,644051.9%0.0%56,155
krzysiek840a [BFOX]1,642051.9%0.0%29,143
mumak_choke [BFOX]1,5111,31652.0%47.3%28,334
bulkens82 [BFOX]1,5521,50652.0%54.4%40,637
ANDREW_OSW [BFOX]1,514052.7%0.0%13,803
cpt71 [BFOX]1,4761,52950.8%55.4%67,844
Mateusz4kcz [BFOX]1,445050.9%0.0%23,346
Gen_Diablo [BFOX]1,334049.2%0.0%14,260
dr__greenthumb84 [BFOX]1,411050.6%0.0%25,772
Danek28 [BFOX]1,354051.2%0.0%24,872
Mateusz527a [BFOX]1,364050.1%0.0%21,475
gregor769 [BFOX]1,3921,49949.1%50.4%91,484
paker14 [BFOX]1,173049.1%0.0%12,702
irzunh [BFOX]1,162049.2%0.0%2,583
GONZO_OSW [BFOX]1,181050.8%0.0%14,826
okin666 [BFOX]1,167051.9%0.0%15,467
druid10 [BFOX]1,145049.5%0.0%42,664
Giaur [BFOX]1,075050.0%0.0%20,313
_GreG_ [BFOX]1,069048.6%0.0%22,338
dzifu1987 [BFOX]1,01461948.2%44.0%22,419
wayllo [BFOX]1,008049.7%0.0%5,656
AntoniPanteraz [BFOX]1,039048.3%0.0%11,797
SlyserMaster [BFOX]959047.2%0.0%35,668
Don_Dawido [BFOX]939048.1%0.0%10,370
Pazimax [BFOX]943048.3%0.0%27,871
DAMU75 [BFOX]820046.9%0.0%17,151
_Wilkolak90_ [BFOX]827048.8%0.0%5,637
LordBladIV [BFOX]877046.6%0.0%16,354
wilczko [BFOX]829046.5%0.0%7,223
Sakaj72 [BFOX]817048.7%0.0%30,979
Archaniol59 [BFOX]83698647.9%52.0%51,584
wiki1237 [BFOX]482046.3%0.0%5,482
Wilkolak1978 [BFOX]171043.9%0.0%10,049
Weighted average1,28353550.0%20.0%25,968
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