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Players for clan BABA (Türk Baba Klanı) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
_HaZR_ [BABA]3,372062.9%0.0%53,838
Ohzman [BABA]3,207061.2%0.0%27,446
IceCube_Reloaded [BABA]3,026062.0%0.0%13,218
Bennedas [BABA]3,007062.4%0.0%15,507
JustMerkava [BABA]2,825060.9%0.0%17,708
ScOrPiOn019 [BABA]2,7013,26758.1%67.0%20,237
___SAMURAI___ [BABA]2,601058.5%0.0%44,718
CrossIceberg__ [BABA]2,5902,91056.5%56.5%38,257
avianca_61 [BABA]2,590055.5%0.0%33,165
S_I_L_E_N_C_E_R [BABA]2,324056.2%0.0%14,043
Nayki_Mayki [BABA]2,2652,46157.6%60.0%11,244
DadasReyiz [BABA]2,3102,25255.3%53.6%1,529
Pit10 [BABA]2,380061.0%0.0%62,913
YuCeNooB [BABA]2,438061.7%0.0%37,147
FasT_GriM [BABA]2,405056.7%0.0%47,016
darky_pl [BABA]2,223056.6%0.0%26,230
Jeffers0nAirplane [BABA]2,280057.3%0.0%72,887
chaplain_lemartes [BABA]2,180059.7%0.0%20,518
miw0rd [BABA]2,1332,45053.8%54.6%10,067
Pr0Zium [BABA]2,226055.7%0.0%58,874
ederinoz [BABA]2,1601,79757.2%52.5%38,203
MurryOne [BABA]2,0422,13055.6%55.5%65,620
satos [BABA]2,0511,73858.0%49.7%49,044
reddistic [BABA]2,003055.0%0.0%60,726
_loseyours3lf_ [BABA]1,849055.2%0.0%15,818
VersedK [BABA]1,7632,37450.8%52.0%83,071
CCCCC [BABA]1,848053.3%0.0%27,496
__BLindGuardiaN__ [BABA]1,709051.5%0.0%34,438
BlackVelvet [BABA]1,3802,57355.3%63.6%35,593
tugushan [BABA]1,32295651.2%47.9%44,763
Weighted average2,24979456.7%20.0%36,044
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