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Players for clan B4LV (Beasts Of Latvia!) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
6poH9l_uccyca [B4LV]4,098064.3%0.0%13,695
_Shell_Stream_ [ANUBI]3,3673,54760.7%63.5%16,492
ontons112 [B4LV]3,1694,05561.5%58.5%8,426
_Psix111_LATTD_ [B4LV]2,8044,18159.0%59.2%50,318
Banzai_LV [B4LV]2,6073,52057.8%65.3%20,253
Placebo_ [B4LV]2,8313,28759.7%61.5%30,432
_XX_INO_XX_ [NERVA]2,6462,70260.9%61.9%49,940
_Funky013_ [B4LV]2,3834,00058.1%63.3%28,068
rondo_LV [B4LV]2,4273,06253.6%57.8%39,695
Mucins [B4LV]2,405060.3%0.0%27,085
Ikmens [B4LV]2,4393,08657.4%57.1%25,712
andis125 [B4LV]2,271058.1%0.0%23,144
marex89 [B4LV]2,2223,34857.2%61.9%36,518
Call_Me_KRAKEN [B4LV]2,1062,20855.9%58.2%33,178
Uldy18 [B4LV]2,115055.3%0.0%30,374
Lightning2014 [B4LV]1,9753,03054.6%59.7%33,464
_K4MPUS_ [B4LV]1,8952,87754.0%59.9%17,395
The_Shivis [B4LV]2,0142,88554.1%54.8%23,662
PulkvedisWoT [B4LV]2,0052,38654.2%48.2%62,389
__ICE_COLD__ [B4LV]1,9472,26154.2%55.4%36,915
MartiniREC [B4LV]1,725053.0%0.0%28,298
HOOLIGAN_M4 [B4LV]1,3121,78549.1%47.2%25,968
Weighted average2,3052,43556.5%47.3%29,430
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