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Players for clan ACK (Autonomes Computer Kabinett) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
ghostintank [ACK]2,407057.3%0.0%16,277
blatthound [ACK]1,955054.4%0.0%37,799
Shazam [ACK]1,793052.8%0.0%23,734
Alan_Woodcastle [ACK]1,742053.9%0.0%32,120
Kapitaen_Flauschbart [ACK]1,564054.9%0.0%11,325
easytarget0815 [ACK]1,685054.3%0.0%9,837
Mule2405 [ACK]1,620053.1%0.0%20,652
Ellotusz [ACK]1,357056.6%0.0%394
Da_Fuq_15 [ACK]1,396052.0%0.0%12,965
Exqupalaquateql [ACK]1,320053.8%0.0%11,224
Dietgerd [ACK]1,3601,37848.8%46.3%29,437
Jotunheim8 [ACK]1,288050.9%0.0%23,210
Psychodidae [ACK]1,294052.4%0.0%4,209
Mischka79 [ACK]1,253048.6%0.0%17,862
PHP1967 [ACK]1,163050.1%0.0%32,368
drklaus23 [ACK]1,167050.2%0.0%25,754
Aik_02 [ACK]1,147050.4%0.0%22,843
DieFlak [ACK]1,051049.6%0.0%9,355
Wotmaniatic [ACK]1,120049.9%0.0%40,594
PumaPaule [ACK]97390448.8%49.0%9,546
Norge_Atze [ACK]92896248.3%47.6%26,483
HGSER [ACK]954047.7%0.0%4,732
Sausackpillemann [ACK]894050.9%0.0%7,999
unknown_error [ACK]804048.6%0.0%37
Happy_83 [ACK]886049.1%0.0%10,634
_mutagen [ACK]876049.1%0.0%13,679
Mulle2405 [ACK]713057.4%0.0%216
Ahimsali [ACK]790048.0%0.0%8,756
Major_Kellogs [ACK]709047.7%0.0%2,344
Witwe_Bolte [ACK]713048.0%0.0%18,773
WitchBlade77 [ACK]688048.8%0.0%7,437
aceventura28 [ACK]641048.5%0.0%3,356
Obir_ [ACK]48279447.6%49.7%12,395
Silver4242 [ACK]352045.9%0.0%4,959
seppel25 [ACK]328044.7%0.0%18,666
aldamar96 [ACK]254047.3%0.0%1,017
Kami0815 [ACK]205047.3%0.0%2,988
xNighyx [ACK]179042.8%0.0%1,410
Weighted average1,24915750.7%6.9%14,141
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