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Players for clan 5O5 (System of Survival) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
BabbuiN [5O5]3,8624,77965.0%61.6%26,425
deathc0derz [5O5]3,590063.6%0.0%4,717
Dr_Drago [5O5]3,574066.0%0.0%15,068
Killer_123_123 [5O5]3,5464,93360.7%65.5%24,637
_skrga [5O5]3,4643,71363.3%60.2%27,974
SHIFTER___ [5O5]3,456064.4%0.0%37,744
Dr_Cvito [5O5]3,274062.4%0.0%36,377
WrogenTheFrog [5O5]3,228060.3%0.0%28,035
rAICH [5O5]3,250061.7%0.0%18,178
_CATA [5O5]3,2714,45961.6%64.3%40,115
__Gh0sT [5O5]3,169062.1%0.0%12,942
Buzuk_ [5O5]3,1634,14860.3%65.1%21,468
Dr_Sasuke [5O5]3,3112,98760.4%57.9%17,524
Blaz_OP [5O5]3,0403,29462.2%61.8%12,828
KZ_Joker [5O5]3,070058.3%0.0%23,435
_Jurassic [5O5]3,112059.6%0.0%24,330
AssAx_x [5O5]3,2514,94261.0%64.0%41,596
JosephConrad [GX]2,819057.5%0.0%21,783
_DaNij3L_ [5O5]3,0903,10958.1%56.8%22,445
hunteR96_1 [5O5]3,0514,16060.1%62.4%27,744
Ovuvuevuevueenyetuenwuev [5O5]2,9332,96459.3%58.6%15,308
nikod [5O5]3,2114,16958.6%65.5%92,401
R1S1NG [5O5]2,8164,26558.5%62.8%19,021
Patketina [5O5]2,8494,18958.1%66.5%25,965
GeneralZixx [5O5]2,4973,21257.7%61.4%41,098
Tuxi6969 [5O5]2,4784,34855.6%70.9%44,700
__Magmaa [GX]2,468055.8%0.0%31,744
Doctor_Nix [5O5]2,3872,66957.9%60.9%49,003
comi03 [5O5]2,6084,01358.2%64.5%45,454
Bataljun [5O5]2,5103,91457.0%65.7%31,960
hi_ha_22 [5O5]2,3774,15056.1%61.5%46,831
Fukljo [5O5]2,3913,05956.6%59.6%35,215
TitusLartius [5O5]2,2163,47057.9%59.7%45,094
Weighted average2,9372,92259.4%47.2%30,580
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