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Players for clan 501-L (501 eme légion) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Vodka_Schweppes [501-L]1,9621,66354.6%56.0%9,205
Faulques [501-L]1,62688251.0%46.2%41,093
BeniHen [501-L]1,499051.4%0.0%9,415
Roul_ [501-L]1,373051.0%0.0%26,602
merdank [501-L]1,297051.3%0.0%28,618
sonic2100 [501-L]1,108050.1%0.0%8,072
milleman [501-L]1,076049.3%0.0%14,081
sebmour [501-L]1,1101,27748.2%49.2%28,892
Croiseur1 [501-L]1,036049.1%0.0%13,630
28lolo28 [501-L]9931,09548.0%51.8%23,498
jerom73_1 [501-L]9871,10248.8%49.0%14,539
AnoxxX [501-L]990049.0%0.0%9,101
KMember [501-L]1,01090149.1%49.0%33,723
lory_FR [501-L]972049.4%0.0%11,353
bogos [501-L]894049.4%0.0%18,123
AZROD_destroy [501-L]8861,17147.0%48.9%13,772
lolo1069 [501-L]870046.8%0.0%27,142
Clempatey [501-L]868047.1%0.0%11,530
redneck49 [501-L]84577946.6%50.2%47,870
romuchloe [501-L]815044.8%0.0%10,415
hug009 [501-L]7681,10248.5%47.8%7,422
somua38 [501-L]72965448.3%48.1%48,522
kabude [501-L]71690148.0%51.8%18,766
brook68ra [501-L]7201,00947.8%46.1%12,999
gros7866 [501-L]717045.7%0.0%28,284
AEDRX [501-L]67089948.1%48.9%17,973
bouritus [501-L]674047.3%0.0%19,733
Olymp_Zazou [501-L]631046.1%0.0%7,937
Lordpuma [501-L]658047.3%0.0%31,728
JPP33 [501-L]62689846.7%51.7%19,792
macfly83 [501-L]602046.3%0.0%19,373
hio1975 [501-L]542046.4%0.0%9,640
Faucheurdemarguerite [501-L]45049646.5%42.9%12,537
Crapaud49 [501-L]402044.5%0.0%8,013
WORLD_479 [501-L]17827042.5%43.6%38,349
Weighted average89247747.9%26.9%20,049
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