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Players for clan 501-3 (3ème escadron du 501ème RCC) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
nebyak [501-3]1,915054.1%0.0%48,737
bruce4 [501-3]1,6191,95052.1%55.3%32,612
ColonialBG75 [501-3]1,528050.8%0.0%12,227
WaterfaIl [501-3]1,429050.8%0.0%11,554
WarDaddy69 [501-3]1,187047.8%0.0%10,182
dourock [501-3]1,018050.3%0.0%14,246
503emeRCC [501-3]1,033049.4%0.0%26,481
lerob [501-3]1,00081549.7%48.2%43,817
Sgt_Aigle [501-3]996050.4%0.0%2,042
matt353 [501-3]982049.4%0.0%20,516
raph13_ [501-3]948049.8%0.0%23,623
yamronefan [501-3]9801,46748.9%53.7%64,136
lechmy51 [501-3]94681648.6%47.8%16,608
capmalo [501-3]906050.9%0.0%4,345
Skymix48 [501-3]898048.9%0.0%7,913
Capitaine_Branet [501-3]907047.1%0.0%12,385
arverne78 [501-3]857048.5%0.0%11,160
mainsteinn [501-3]933047.1%0.0%30,577
WehrmachtWolf [501-3]847049.5%0.0%8,455
Dhomonivisky [501-3]824048.8%0.0%6,353
louis2013 [501-3]793048.2%0.0%7,074
woltarus [501-3]811047.8%0.0%14,973
pticoco [501-3]753048.7%0.0%10,373
BARBOTTIN [501-3]755047.3%0.0%14,106
Defbond26 [501-3]727046.6%0.0%13,758
jeje21 [501-3]696047.3%0.0%4,687
CNE_Alain_de_Boissieu [501-3]681047.4%0.0%1,934
panzerdede80 [501-3]605048.5%0.0%4,027
Riick31 [501-3]578047.1%0.0%9,779
atdnxl [501-3]527048.1%0.0%6,826
Taminois [501-3]551044.0%0.0%18,446
jean_marie [501-3]350042.5%0.0%14,994
dlrene [501-3]298045.2%0.0%14,089
foule [501-3]293045.0%0.0%16,894
Weighted average1,01735449.0%14.0%16,690
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