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Players for clan 3PX (Pixel Shot!) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
ichaztelon [3PX]3,798062.7%0.0%22,982
Aniki_my_Brooo [3PX]2,931056.8%0.0%36,338
Parrot_ [3PX]3,029060.0%0.0%38,790
alex2741 [3PX]2,891058.9%0.0%23,909
WarrioR_Dies_inEBR [3PX]2,893057.6%0.0%42,779
Kai_012 [3PX]2,7593,13557.7%59.7%39,996
Alexis_InZDaBinKs [OXIDE]2,739057.1%0.0%33,047
wo0ps [3PX]2,834058.4%0.0%36,144
ProzeidoN [3PX]2,776057.6%0.0%7,636
VG__ [3PX]2,766057.3%0.0%19,877
aurelwarrior [3PX]2,678057.8%0.0%45,127
Tar_Minastir [3PX]2,631057.5%0.0%20,549
victorvx [3PX]2,911061.0%0.0%27,409
_xPolgarat [3PX]2,676057.8%0.0%28,758
Oz0Ne_ [3PX]2,488058.3%0.0%17,282
Agonie_ [3PX]2,493058.7%0.0%26,143
Sofailna [3PX]2,410056.6%0.0%24,279
Glaome_ [3PX]2,344055.7%0.0%21,079
Logan_InZDaBinKs [3PX]2,4154,32554.4%61.4%30,516
Satch_is_Calamar [3PX]2,322055.2%0.0%48,564
Prada_InZDaBinKs [3PX]2,305054.8%0.0%27,112
_Lexa [3PX]2,0344,30854.0%67.6%35,156
maxime59186 [3PX]2,092054.3%0.0%41,021
Saraa__ [3PX]2,022054.5%0.0%14,886
ALOweeN_iZPANICkING [3PX]1,9673,55354.1%63.1%33,729
Le_Koala_Sauvage [3PX]1,923053.0%0.0%34,915
Samantha__ [3PX]1,988053.4%0.0%27,829
Forfun_Is_Rly_ToXic [GX]1,9375,12253.3%64.9%30,900
Nash_MvP [LTHS]1,811053.5%0.0%15,917
dalex78 [3PX]1,789054.3%0.0%30,554
MaRCeL_iZPANICkING [OMLET]1,3052,99350.2%57.4%20,630
Polak_Reborn [JVC]1,302049.7%0.0%24,257
Weighted average2,44178956.2%12.6%28,760
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