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Players for clan 3PX (Pixel Shot!) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Selenna__ [3PX]3,7023,53362.3%64.3%18,769
Camilia__ [3PX]3,5843,15361.0%61.2%15,710
_Depressive [3PX]3,1693,68360.2%62.7%12,129
Drunk_and_Furious [3PX]3,1093,30860.1%62.5%15,636
mister_gimli [3PX]2,9562,81658.4%53.8%50,100
_Frenchie [3V]2,7463,72257.7%58.3%22,826
Alexis_InZDaBinKs [3PX]2,654056.6%0.0%31,001
MaelWithoutNeurons [3PX]2,6843,49257.7%65.5%26,284
Aking_ [3PX]2,6873,68958.0%62.9%31,671
sardinealeau [3PX]2,546056.7%0.0%14,925
Xlad [P1NK]2,354055.6%0.0%26,356
Sofailna [MOARR]2,3915,15656.6%65.6%24,242
Logan_InZDaBinKs [3PX]2,335054.1%0.0%29,720
FearWithoutNeurons [3PX]2,1472,42455.5%56.8%45,546
C4_Aclismyk [3PX]1,966054.3%0.0%14,303
_AngelOfDarkness [3PX]2,0003,13053.4%63.4%26,705
YouAreArtySafe [3PX]1,825056.2%0.0%3,184
Piwabass [3PX]1,667052.2%0.0%19,155
Raphtorne_Unleashed [3PX]1,6811,58150.8%44.9%22,767
VR00M_VR00M_GamePlay [3PX]1,822058.0%0.0%119
Polak_Reborn [JVC]1,302049.7%0.0%24,257
VROOM_VROOM_GamePlay [3PX]245042.2%0.0%64
Weighted average2,4742,10756.2%39.0%21,612
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