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Players for clan 3EGS (3 Elitarna Grupa Szturmowa) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Rademenes102 [3EGS]1,7971,90554.9%60.3%42,484
dandulos [3EGS]1,710051.3%0.0%33,668
HeinzTomatoPower [3EGS]1,721054.2%0.0%33,421
LaManche [3EGS]1,581052.5%0.0%19,619
PulkownikMartinHessler [3EGS]1,6341,03450.8%49.2%52,708
peltier [3EGS]1,444051.9%0.0%36,827
Arrni [3EGS]1,456050.1%0.0%25,550
telek [3EGS]1,4142,27251.4%53.3%29,067
Bixoon [3EGS]1,4691,53750.5%45.6%52,459
KubaPancernyPL [3EGS]1,360051.4%0.0%13,770
CZARNY_79 [3EGS]1,347050.5%0.0%38,543
Morpheus7 [3EGS]1,2741,33750.2%51.4%43,533
Gazowiec [3EGS]1,165050.2%0.0%46,546
Szczurek_PL [3EGS]1,12484749.7%48.6%34,155
xendriux1973 [3EGS]1,064047.6%0.0%19,317
PL1984 [3EGS]1,0561,46749.9%57.8%28,364
hukusta [3EGS]1,0251,14248.7%51.0%35,080
Ban_qu [3EGS]1,0661,95647.4%52.0%23,085
zyggi7 [3EGS]1,008049.1%0.0%28,929
MAT_BANITA [3EGS]9741,06848.9%48.5%34,175
jarecki24 [3EGS]966047.5%0.0%26,523
Swift_bolt [3EGS]9491,32449.0%51.9%18,265
Beniamin_bez_Skarpet [3EGS]983047.7%0.0%42,667
asrpok [3EGS]849049.0%0.0%25,221
Kobuz13 [3EGS]85090447.6%47.3%30,251
ramirez1972 [3EGS]38136944.7%41.2%29,443
Weighted average1,24870550.0%27.1%32,448
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