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Players for clan -YO- (Just trolling) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Vieiranoob [-YO-]2,219054.2%0.0%1,151
A_Nickname_named_nicknam [-YO-]1,7981,79754.8%58.9%11,188
jmendes [-YO-]1,6282,03153.1%58.0%39,260
leafar21 [-YO-]1,6231,88249.7%50.5%10,406
Szalor [-YO-]1,481055.5%0.0%13,160
xupa_misto [-YO-]1,4701,54752.5%54.1%23,032
Chipsmaster_1 [-YO-]1,872065.4%0.0%104
Prosthetics [-YO-]1,5041,46251.6%55.7%30,318
tiago956 [-YO-]1,394050.5%0.0%12,593
BlackPanther44 [-YO-]1,4731,09352.3%50.5%92,332
NoPartyWithoutArty_ [-YO-]1,4881,53451.1%50.3%30,762
ZetaKore [-YO-]1,3771,33251.4%50.1%36,646
PTank_19 [-YO-]1,327051.5%0.0%12,314
Kappa36x [-YO-]1,3701,89351.5%56.5%12,951
100saber [-YO-]1,3461,75050.8%55.8%29,398
steamshadow [-YO-]1,3271,69149.4%49.2%30,280
MRKILL [-YO-]1,3581,58547.4%53.0%9,574
Markian0_o [-YO-]1,210050.7%0.0%9,496
fueldad [-YO-]1,18894249.0%50.4%43,996
X_SP1R1T_X [-YO-]1,1041,44647.7%43.4%14,326
Camarao_Du_Mont [-YO-]1,085048.9%0.0%15,157
Morpheus999999 [-YO-]1,0161,14349.0%47.4%31,620
fdsv77 [-YO-]974049.0%0.0%21,532
artur10022 [-YO-]9091,16447.5%46.4%44,055
kyuubi_extreme [-YO-]8981,11649.3%48.8%19,780
tekaman [-YO-]80688948.3%46.7%31,946
Weighted average1,2941,17750.6%44.1%24,129
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