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Players for clan -XII- (Legio XII Fulminata) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Po_Prostu_Hunter [-XII-]3,149062.6%0.0%2,554
Sekud [-XII-]2,218053.7%0.0%45,872
Sambo_ [-XII-]1,877053.4%0.0%58,330
pfmaiki [MS-B]1,892056.0%0.0%21,277
TekB191 [-XII-]1,843053.0%0.0%6,880
Michal1505 [-XII-]1,9241,77954.6%50.6%13,028
rbsaper [-XII-]1,709052.2%0.0%41,620
mruz292 [-XII-]1,623052.1%0.0%21,587
zwitek1 [-XII-]1,6751,43053.4%56.5%81,419
n0lif3 [-XII-]1,684052.8%0.0%30,773
God_Of_The_Hellfire [-XII-]1,445050.5%0.0%26,204
Zeref13 [-XII-]1,3691,52054.7%54.5%804
oloros [-XII-]1,353049.8%0.0%62,303
DarkSlayer87 [-XII-]1,2811,13550.5%50.8%30,480
LeviKOX_ [-XII-]1,249052.2%0.0%25,042
legio_boss [-XII-]1,123045.7%0.0%46
pys83 [-XII-]1,164049.7%0.0%11,036
Katarzyna81 [-XII-]1,049049.6%0.0%27,336
Lightsabre [-XII-]1,005048.3%0.0%12,668
cherry_doll [-XII-]983051.9%0.0%24,313
snoop1939 [-XII-]929049.7%0.0%15,340
Weighted average1,57031452.1%12.3%26,614
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