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Players for clan -TB- (Tank Breakers) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
wegblaser [-TB-]2,151055.9%0.0%21,606
Infected2k [-TB-]1,958055.2%0.0%6,686
X_Jim_X [-TB-]1,772054.2%0.0%20,245
Narfgnarf [-TB-]1,713053.0%0.0%22,730
LordBeccart [-TB-]1,808050.9%0.0%19,759
Darthkruemel [-TB-]1,6622,06352.7%52.7%20,248
Daxis86 [-TB-]1,708052.2%0.0%17,513
purewtf [-TB-]1,588051.2%0.0%10,684
John_Tank [-TB-]1,5832,04852.4%58.0%50,430
Wulffgrim [-TB-]1,546052.7%0.0%42,082
Phoenix2 [-TB-]1,518050.1%0.0%12,119
Der_Pattex [-TB-]1,5032,29954.4%53.9%39,168
Tarlaxo [-TB-]1,3731,97851.7%56.8%52,177
Schweinbrenner [-TB-]1,347051.5%0.0%11,965
KaeptnWahnsinn [-TB-]1,260052.4%0.0%10,006
HRHHB [-TB-]1,2501,08351.6%49.2%33,582
Mr_Goodkat [-TB-]1,142051.5%0.0%13,907
commander270 [-TB-]1,153050.6%0.0%11,373
Fdw_Schulze [-TB-]1,128050.1%0.0%14,807
Draco_Draconarius [-TB-]1,070050.3%0.0%8,189
Mogul_X [-TB-]1,024050.9%0.0%15,917
andih63 [-TB-]1,03287747.2%44.4%44,442
mariolange [-TB-]964049.1%0.0%7,089
McRed1 [-TB-]944052.3%0.0%5,415
burlystein [-TB-]9011,00448.2%44.0%32,898
luxgil [-TB-]856047.5%0.0%27,359
sumsesum [-TB-]802047.8%0.0%29,059
Delta_Force_609 [-TB-]821046.8%0.0%2,508
MikeBlack77 [-TB-]729047.6%0.0%7,630
XXL57 [-TB-]714046.6%0.0%31,613
LincolnOsis [-TB-]477046.7%0.0%31,532
Weighted average1,28266250.8%21.0%21,765
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