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Players for clan -SBN- (The Shenanigan Battalion) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
06wallst [-SBN-]2,6422,37162.2%59.7%32,169
DocBassie [-SBN-]2,6411,93759.1%59.0%4,342
I_AM_THEONLY_JAKE [-SBN-]2,3482,86056.6%62.3%16,924
bob_the_obese_fat_bloke [-SBN-]2,116055.1%0.0%33,725
iain11 [-SBN-]2,1273,23758.0%62.6%40,046
sollicitus [-SBN-]1,855053.0%0.0%27,037
RavingLunacy [-SBN-]1,920052.6%0.0%22,260
pretorama [-SBN-]1,6671,34253.9%50.2%44,086
Blurglecruncheon [-SBN-]1,589053.1%0.0%11,756
fraser_mc [-SBN-]1,4112,10851.8%50.5%26,407
Sickncool [-SBN-]1,4341,77151.8%57.8%20,413
zimmerphrame [-SBN-]1,471051.4%0.0%22,365
DramaCricket_1114 [-SBN-]1,2271,50851.2%54.2%23,341
Jondar02 [-SBN-]1,109049.7%0.0%6,732
yamatogamer55 [-SBN-]1,1172,16450.9%54.6%10,224
DieBombesiebenhundert [-SBN-]1,045050.2%0.0%9,162
Bluetinum [-SBN-]1,0171,24649.2%52.6%45,061
JakundDaxter [-SBN-]9651,23149.5%52.8%13,255
hobiruk [-SBN-]9741,29049.3%43.4%52,123
Tardis_Who [-SBN-]89988950.8%58.7%30,257
Mullet_Lord [-SBN-]883049.3%0.0%12,343
alfred_peabody [-SBN-]643058.6%0.0%490
tigertank2000destoyer [-SBN-]60389748.0%52.7%23,267
Fabio2010 [-SBN-]613047.3%0.0%31,102
ZepSaint [-SBN-]494047.0%0.0%5,975
markabrams [-SBN-]265045.0%0.0%4,526
Weighted average1,4391,15652.3%36.2%21,899
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