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Players for clan -SAD- (Search and Destr0y) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Ronax [-SAD-]1,4781,75652.3%53.6%21,218
Falken_Panzer [-SAD-]1,434050.1%0.0%18,977
Gagael97 [-SAD-]1,321050.9%0.0%16,228
louishahn [-SAD-]1,3211,83850.5%56.5%27,301
_NeedForWeed_ [-SAD-]1,323048.5%0.0%7,354
MarcoDosch [-SAD-]1,1771,61151.1%57.0%14,116
Th3_Cockro4ch [-SAD-]1,2331,43549.3%48.8%76,229
IcemanLE [-SAD-]1,1011,41447.5%50.3%13,840
lemon_ice [-SAD-]1,1371,36949.0%50.0%32,725
BlueElephant [-SAD-]1,1081,10949.5%48.4%25,414
ladyliesi [-SAD-]1,038052.9%0.0%27,552
Jagbo [-SAD-]1,043047.8%0.0%16,934
Elgfrothi [-SAD-]998049.0%0.0%21,930
anno17010 [-SAD-]1,024046.5%0.0%30,131
Ziagl [-SAD-]836049.8%0.0%2,950
Metzelrobbe [-SAD-]75582545.9%47.8%18,969
Gothwyn [-SAD-]70046747.5%45.6%14,923
ElGreco2111 [-SAD-]679048.1%0.0%4,970
kater_tom [-SAD-]608045.6%0.0%8,375
DragonBloodLady [-SAD-]51257846.6%47.0%9,804
Reserve_Stuffz [-SAD-]425045.1%0.0%8,257
Weighted average1,10081449.1%30.6%19,914
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