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Players for clan -RD (_RedDragons_) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Carapuz_en_sambrero [-RD]2,039057.3%0.0%21,387
Starker [-RD]1,908053.1%0.0%18,954
CorazondeHielo69 [-RD]1,446051.4%0.0%32,725
EscorpioNNN [-RD]1,306048.8%0.0%14,993
Cacharrito [-RD]1,186050.6%0.0%40,229
Blackbarth [-RD]1,202053.5%0.0%8,023
milintrufo [-RD]1,109049.6%0.0%29,522
semioruga [-RD]1,077049.9%0.0%13,626
tampiki09 [-RD]1,076049.1%0.0%18,355
s1lv3r4d0 [-RD]1,031050.2%0.0%29,891
G_Babe_Big_Bang [-RD]981047.9%0.0%20,129
desconocio89 [-RD]9101,30248.1%48.4%12,941
Isimus [-RD]896049.4%0.0%6,555
allavaxyo [-RD]877047.5%0.0%7,393
Ralph100 [-RD]74691147.7%46.7%44,901
Pedro_mico [-RD]609045.4%0.0%16,652
rompeolas [-RD]596046.2%0.0%14,119
dya36 [-RD]596047.2%0.0%8,030
chinomdr84 [-RD]596046.7%0.0%7,775
Daikomio [-RD]56768245.1%44.7%24,695
Weighted average1,07819149.4%9.8%19,544
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