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Players for clan -LPT- (Legio Panthera Tigris) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
BooommHeadshot [-LPT-]2,0171,75454.8%51.6%15,513
helldoggy_b [-LPT-]2,0001,92754.2%53.7%19,448
_P_R_O_ [-LPT-]1,9901,91652.8%51.1%33,738
alisimmel [-LPT-]1,671052.0%0.0%52,782
Cobra_507 [-LPT-]1,4811,91751.2%58.1%6,430
Cree1k [-LPT-]1,497053.2%0.0%31,905
Dreilicht3 [-LPT-]1,364052.1%0.0%18,201
Pennellow [-LPT-]1,3811,50552.7%54.1%29,604
oliiuvenis [-LPT-]1,268049.9%0.0%16,660
DarkWarrior95 [-LPT-]1,2581,25648.3%47.7%7,159
Nassguhl [-LPT-]1,195051.1%0.0%10,025
Gurkenfluegel [-LPT-]1,1531,15950.7%46.8%19,251
Jupp0104 [-LPT-]1,134049.9%0.0%8,129
ShadowstormX [-LPT-]1,144050.1%0.0%26,845
Garfied [-LPT-]1,1121,05549.7%50.8%22,994
Boaphenia [-LPT-]1,1181,02549.7%49.3%31,280
2uncool [-LPT-]1,0771,32450.6%52.1%8,369
KillerMatze123 [-LPT-]1,070048.6%0.0%17,911
Bayernfan12 [-LPT-]9561,84650.2%57.9%7,894
RAUDJ [-LPT-]96269448.4%47.1%36,062
im_Eimer [-LPT-]9231,08848.4%52.6%26,425
Don_Cravallo_ [-LPT-]90569949.6%48.1%42,150
Jupp0105 [-LPT-]91377248.0%48.3%42,790
Luger1908 [-LPT-]769049.7%0.0%2,936
Bonzo78 [-LPT-]76999649.0%50.3%15,186
Daniel01 [-LPT-]740047.6%0.0%3,652
Harald_thomssen [-LPT-]743050.4%0.0%7,087
Dragontiger87 [-LPT-]789047.6%0.0%8,482
Pirat_0066 [-LPT-]25940944.7%40.9%18,870
Kai_M_ller_KM [-LPT-]16830544.2%46.2%2,414
Weighted average1,21974450.3%32.6%19,673
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