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Players for clan -KCST (Česko-slovenské Tigre) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
OnePissingAgainstTheWind [-KCST]2,455058.1%0.0%18,155
Polyphenol [-KCST]2,231055.4%0.0%14,906
321Marky123 [-KCST]2,2232,95954.4%59.0%35,413
MojmiraCZ [-KCST]1,892053.5%0.0%19,422
ireglenrok [-KCST]1,7062,42053.4%55.9%37,230
SirDonald [-KCST]1,646053.4%0.0%18,371
Donky1 [-KCST]1,3141,68552.3%56.0%17,418
mFaRaon [-KCST]1,317050.4%0.0%39,964
Lucincek [-KCST]1,229051.2%0.0%10,557
callimdor [-KCST]1,2511,31650.4%51.8%49,487
jirinak123 [-KCST]1,116049.2%0.0%16,752
michaga [-KCST]1,143049.2%0.0%22,781
mariankotn [-KCST]1,0621,10147.8%46.2%69,062
Maikl111 [-KCST]1,02585048.5%49.4%57,033
jirka_eos [-KCST]1,0121,31849.2%53.7%30,343
lapka123 [-KCST]1,005046.7%0.0%23,108
Smrtak [-KCST]1,024047.8%0.0%42,734
Azac [-KCST]919047.9%0.0%41,273
jarmil075 [-KCST]913048.0%0.0%8,111
Budzogan [-KCST]867048.4%0.0%29,608
stelin554SVK [-KCST]830047.3%0.0%16,004
MajorSK [-KCST]780048.7%0.0%5,421
Sparco26 [-KCST]642047.7%0.0%6,503
smrtihlav3 [-KCST]565046.0%0.0%23,202
Weighted average1,25269549.9%23.5%27,202
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