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Players for clan -DLAG (Die Liga der außergwöhnlichen Gentlemen) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
smartiana [-DLAG]2,8012,86256.1%58.1%30,220
K3ZU [-DLAG]1,8181,56952.7%50.8%33,977
omegun [-DLAG]1,748055.0%0.0%35,240
marvin320 [-DLAG]1,3272,55949.9%58.9%13,297
Noshri [-DLAG]1,41897852.1%48.8%19,811
PKA100 [-DLAG]1,220051.1%0.0%7,215
Ahreszi [-DLAG]1,2731,56949.5%56.0%20,049
Charlesrobertcraven_1 [-DLAG]1,258049.9%0.0%891
Rexxar22 [-DLAG]1,2751,14151.1%51.1%16,421
Eagle__2000 [-DLAG]1,193048.5%0.0%15,875
Bismarck_I [-DLAG]1,1961,48550.2%48.9%43,398
_wolf__ger_ [-DLAG]1,1451,31351.5%57.2%16,567
Kleinedreckbirne [-DLAG]1,1031,54848.5%55.0%14,669
Pietjes25 [-DLAG]1,149047.5%0.0%17,571
Zonetrooper4444 [-DLAG]1,0601,41848.9%50.5%15,305
kralle211 [-DLAG]1,024047.4%0.0%20,243
Moes__Taverne [-DLAG]9701,35247.8%49.7%25,742
mirka1 [-DLAG]911048.0%0.0%17,702
ZooZer99 [-DLAG]901050.2%0.0%7,118
MIJ123 [-DLAG]905048.1%0.0%20,737
Killerkalle55 [-DLAG]8671,08846.8%50.3%30,040
FCMAGDEBURG [-DLAG]62072747.5%52.7%12,079
jason1967ger [-DLAG]52262946.5%44.7%13,921
Wenks_Junior [-DLAG]555046.4%0.0%12,112
DirkWarrior [-DLAG]23945544.7%45.3%16,214
Weighted average1,24097949.9%34.9%19,056
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