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Players for clan -DEER (Royal Deer with Bow-Tie) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Papa_DEER [-DEER]3,0323,58259.8%64.9%40,229
KoLSuZ__ [-DEER]2,8043,21959.4%58.7%34,887
Playful_DEER [-DEER]2,601059.0%0.0%11,773
xVoLKx [-DEER]2,529057.8%0.0%28,334
LastKebap [-DEER]2,305055.3%0.0%29,483
Zaknafein_Do_Urden [-DEER]2,230055.4%0.0%6,558
Gigglings [-DEER]2,302057.0%0.0%28,401
ChampioN_Style [-DEER]2,063053.7%0.0%25,769
JUST_Ineffable_Sniper [-DEER]2,1232,91154.0%60.4%30,827
You_Are_Clicked [-DEER]1,9762,01554.4%54.5%8,924
JUST_Remember [-DEER]2,014055.1%0.0%22,238
Buzz_FederaL [-DEER]1,993054.9%0.0%18,925
kaku06 [-DEER]2,003055.1%0.0%10,016
sirijiyan [-DEER]1,946055.0%0.0%27,527
Greedy_DEER [-DEER]1,941052.9%0.0%49,865
SONGAVURBUKUCU [-DEER]1,9532,50954.8%55.1%52,360
JUST_Mercyy [-DEER]1,8683,53253.0%59.3%36,808
TR_OrderToKiLL [-DEER]1,8603,30752.5%63.4%28,686
excaz [-DEER]1,817054.1%0.0%31,649
MerguzeLeee [-DEER]1,767054.0%0.0%29,001
TRASH_AlmostLucky [-DEER]1,7963,17253.9%61.2%24,159
SLoweRGo [-DEER]1,7413,25452.2%60.3%52,272
llXeNoTiMll [-DEER]1,588050.9%0.0%45,718
RaaWa [-DEER]1,5592,14251.3%56.1%65,143
_Scyquaza_ [-DEER]1,4722,42151.7%59.3%18,222
nahit_28 [LONHS]610043.9%0.0%9,491
Weighted average1,9621,41853.9%28.7%28,991
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