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Players for clan -CIA- (Chaos In Aktion) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
IJagdPantherI [-CIA-]2,878057.2%0.0%42,956
ariyaner [-CIA-]2,326057.1%0.0%47,004
Stublerone [-CIA-]2,083055.0%0.0%15,371
dynamitep8 [-CIA-]1,985052.9%0.0%14,126
Jenova [-CIA-]1,645055.3%0.0%11,060
Klabusterbaerchen [-CIA-]1,698053.9%0.0%8,917
skynetp1 [-CIA-]1,675051.8%0.0%19,577
Schall107 [-CIA-]1,709052.0%0.0%35,967
Hefeweizen [-CIA-]1,560052.7%0.0%20,173
Neji [-CIA-]1,470057.0%0.0%4,376
Objekt268 [-CIA-]1,686057.6%0.0%465
Alfinator [-CIA-]1,565051.9%0.0%28,904
Zaudi [-CIA-]1,5241,47751.9%50.8%52,829
Buechsenoeffner [-CIA-]1,404057.1%0.0%389
Sgt_Bilk0 [-CIA-]1,336054.2%0.0%439
Mr_Panik [-CIA-]1,288052.8%0.0%32,690
JackyP87 [-CIA-]1,227049.8%0.0%9,689
Permanent [-CIA-]1,116050.2%0.0%15,313
Rantanplan [-CIA-]902051.4%0.0%2,337
sesengel [-CIA-]928047.5%0.0%7,042
jimmygruen [-CIA-]705048.9%0.0%5,299
haudrauf12 [-CIA-]68661747.6%44.8%38,002
egonolsen31 [-CIA-]456047.0%0.0%3,388
HoloNippel [-CIA-]337045.5%0.0%2,789
Tomsens [-CIA-]200044.2%0.0%156
Weighted average1,66624252.8%10.5%16,770
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