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Players for clan -BR- (BRACIA RENEGACI) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
NotFoundError404 [-BR-]2,705058.5%0.0%41,212
Vulture1982 [-BR-]2,431061.2%0.0%82,518
wariat1986 [-BR-]2,133052.2%0.0%27,220
Mozenrathy [-BR-]2,213058.0%0.0%3,130
nacker86pl [-BR-]1,876053.9%0.0%27,843
Alkoholiczek [-BR-]1,817055.6%0.0%25,304
pl_highlander [-BR-]1,822053.4%0.0%14,139
Perem [-BR-]1,7802,01651.7%61.2%41,396
Orestegor [-BR-]1,579053.9%0.0%12,852
Skavenblight [-BR-]1,7011,89753.2%50.2%39,826
TataPsychopata [-BR-]1,626053.3%0.0%87,910
Macios235 [-BR-]1,536052.4%0.0%12,839
fapus [-BR-]1,593053.2%0.0%52,371
Dragosz73 [-BR-]1,582050.7%0.0%51,126
fighterpl [-BR-]1,512052.3%0.0%23,382
Scept [-BR-]1,5551,41152.5%48.3%70,979
Koryusai [-BR-]1,431056.1%0.0%33,786
Paoro89 [-BR-]1,452054.8%0.0%21,280
sebatu24 [-BR-]1,406048.8%0.0%25,570
SNIEGU13 [-BR-]1,4301,51651.6%50.5%56,444
FirefighterPL [-BR-]1,387050.9%0.0%73,783
bigmarr [-BR-]1,343050.2%0.0%27,057
LaxyGen [-BR-]1,341051.8%0.0%32,422
tynia [-BR-]1,30099149.8%47.4%61,541
TheNorbiPL [-BR-]1,278050.8%0.0%17,404
banan404 [-BR-]1,3671,16750.3%49.0%87,801
ciacio1971 [-BR-]1,149051.4%0.0%32,432
ponton3 [-BR-]1,167049.1%0.0%35,952
karl77pl [-BR-]1,080048.3%0.0%33,202
Minatuck [-BR-]1,145048.7%0.0%19,612
eloluziom [-BR-]1,018047.7%0.0%15,000
marecki998 [-BR-]680046.8%0.0%15,135
Strusiek89 [-BR-]407044.6%0.0%6,244
Weighted average1,57541952.5%14.9%35,645
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