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Players for clan -BAD (Chernorizec) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
ArtGrifin [-BAD]1,882055.1%0.0%23,096
mangall [-BAD]1,862053.6%0.0%28,146
ico22 [-BAD]1,488051.7%0.0%35,735
KRISTINA_86 [-BAD]1,21495450.9%46.7%26,692
lynxbg [-BAD]1,368052.0%0.0%34,575
zelenoo4ko [-BAD]1,175050.6%0.0%12,021
ALEX_MAINATA [-BAD]1,086049.0%0.0%8,311
Bon_Dze [-BAD]1,139050.9%0.0%13,366
fabo [-BAD]1,037051.1%0.0%1,562
HellioZz [-BAD]1,085050.1%0.0%11,041
LtGrubberr [-BAD]1,085050.5%0.0%7,657
Ermenko [-BAD]1,096047.9%0.0%21,814
jorolinkov [-BAD]1,039048.9%0.0%10,523
Fadromata [-BAD]1,036049.3%0.0%24,580
Suvorov500 [-BAD]1,04097449.6%49.4%78,213
kid_twist [-BAD]958049.3%0.0%16,140
dpslanchev [-BAD]949049.4%0.0%2,193
ilianski1 [-BAD]93881548.7%44.5%17,394
anigma [-BAD]937049.3%0.0%8,981
bobetooo [-BAD]95495547.2%47.7%19,625
pr0mete1 [-BAD]85358949.5%48.7%6,880
Emil_Dimov [-BAD]839047.2%0.0%8,566
ludpich [-BAD]77498447.2%44.3%5,917
Boris77777 [-BAD]790049.0%0.0%25,975
skitnik32 [-BAD]773046.0%0.0%31,065
XxVazovxX [-BAD]685049.8%0.0%8,743
Haima [-BAD]574048.0%0.0%9,543
Y_Taskov [-BAD]595047.2%0.0%3,798
komi78 [-BAD]579046.1%0.0%14,557
ivcho0 [-BAD]526046.3%0.0%1,252
neycho1974 [-BAD]640047.6%0.0%19,191
evstat [-BAD]528044.5%0.0%9,517
proto99 [-BAD]459047.6%0.0%2,627
milkerBG [-BAD]453043.1%0.0%6,964
dragonheart8 [-BAD]414046.5%0.0%11,720
set8 [-BAD]416047.1%0.0%6,496
annie3 [-BAD]399045.1%0.0%14,763
sashopi4a [-BAD]390045.4%0.0%7,970
Kalinvladted [-BAD]358044.5%0.0%3,967
_BlackSHARK [-BAD]294047.2%0.0%2,259
bmw3_ [-BAD]252046.3%0.0%2,715
dprodanov_122 [-BAD]80047.8%0.0%999
iiff [-BAD]40043.8%0.0%951
Weighted average1,01623749.2%12.2%14,141
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