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Players for clan -B-B (Balkan Bandits) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
91destroyer [-B-B]1,813052.8%0.0%33,578
KAVKAZ_26 [-B-B]1,763053.4%0.0%8,861
bauer_jack [-B-B]1,655052.7%0.0%16,559
KordaBH [-B-B]1,634052.6%0.0%20,935
1BumbleBee1 [-B-B]1,6112,46250.5%59.0%35,469
Terminator__130_ [PXA]1,609051.3%0.0%52,245
PainkillerSRB [-B-B]1,5521,53651.7%49.3%35,831
bake900 [-B-B]1,5712,27651.4%53.5%40,221
Makanjica [-B-B]1,5102,15951.3%55.8%41,790
zmaj989 [-B-B]1,464050.2%0.0%50,072
puljo22 [-B-B]1,358050.6%0.0%25,665
ajzdravo [-B-B]1,3001,97249.4%50.8%46,685
kawaha [-B-B]1,219050.1%0.0%31,481
djox2 [-B-B]1,2591,77450.6%59.0%28,324
nenadfreak [-B-B]1,1841,02150.3%49.0%62,904
V3d0X [-B-B]1,183049.7%0.0%6,540
Josip_1337 [-B-B]989047.5%0.0%24,003
ProNoobSHP [-B-B]976047.4%0.0%29,611
tonikingo11 [-B-B]991048.2%0.0%21,298
dadoje [-B-B]9731,56147.4%53.1%42,180
zabela100 [-B-B]903047.2%0.0%48,183
walperbl [-B-B]9131,10547.2%47.9%27,291
N1ghtraider [-B-B]823047.5%0.0%31,293
Weighted average1,30882449.9%25.0%33,087
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