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Features overview


Q. What is this?

A. This site calculates the "performance rating" for players of the World of Tanks massively-multiplayer online game (EU, US, RU).

Q. What is the performance rating?

A. It is a calculated value assessing the player skill, based on an assessment of the tanks the player is playing, the damage dealt and the win rate. Please find a more detailed description here.

Q. How is the performance rating better than other ratings?

A. It is a more accurate assessment of player skill, as it focuses on two values which are hard to boost together - damage dealt, and win rate (CW/TC can boost win rate but will lower damage dealt). A player generally cannot improve these two values without directly helping his team, thus there is no way to selfishly inflate the performance rating values.

Q. What are the issues with efficiency rating?

A. Efficiency rating is flawed in many ways and allows players to boost it if they focus on simply doing things which increase the efficiency rating.

In particular, despite its latest updates it still over-values capping and initial spotting, and players who mostly worry about efficiency rating ruin games for others by 'ninja-capping' or 'suicide-spotting'.

Q. What are some general guidelines for evaluating performance rating?

A. The evaluation guidelines, and comparison with other ratings can be found on the in the rating rank explanation page.

Q. Where can I ask questions, discuss or report problems with this website?

A. At ClanTalk.net or in the relevant WoT forum discussion threads (European server thread, North-American server thread, Russian server thread).

Q. What are the WN6/WN7 ratings?

A. This is a rating collaboratively developed on the NA server. For details please see the discussion thread.

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