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Players for clan TOGII (TOG클랜이읍니다) on server KR

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# Name Performance Rating (overall) Performance Rating (~30 day) Efficiency Rating (overall) Efficiency Rating (~30 day) WN8 Rating (overall) WN8 Rating (~30 day) Win Rate (overall) Win Rate (~30 day) Battles
진압봉 1,616 1,410 1,986 55.4% 29,421
치킨볼오믈렛 1,560 1,323 1,858 54.9% 19,111
티거짜응 1,454 1,189 1,633 53.0% 14,127
고대산표범 1,227 945 1,062 49.8% 6,597
Weighted average: 1,530 1,297 1,791 54.2% 17,314
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